Water: the anti-aging "cure"

Water: the anti-aging "cure"

Water is the main factor in looking younger, staying healthy, and the biggest bonus of all - losing weight!

More than two-thirds of your body weight is water; this liquid is just as important as oxygen for keeping you alive.

Every cell tissue and organ depends on water to function. Water keeps your body alive by stabilizing its temperature, in eliminating toxins and waste products, carrying nutrients, and maintaining blood volume.

Water is also the medium in which cell chemical reaction takes place. You could go for weeks without food, but you will live only a few days with no water.

There is a serious need to replenish your water supply constantly if you want to stay young, vital, and healthy. Even minor dehydration can trigger devastating internal reactions, such as:

Dehydrated body cells that age faster

Water retention due to high sodium levels (influence blood pressure)

Increased risk of bladder infection that could harm kidneys

Increased constipation

Decreased fat-burning

Diminished fuel for the brain

How much water do we need daily? Minimum of “8 glasses a day”

More than 8 glasses a day if: you exercise more in hot weather or travel by airplane

Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink. A dry mouth is a sign of dehydration.