Fashion Consulting/Makeovers

Have You Ever Wanted to Reinvent Yourself?

Would you like to Build More Confidence?

Make better choices in choosing hair color, a hairstyle, clothing and cosmetics?

Save yourself some time and money getting ready for the day?

Let us create your best personal look and style.

  • Personal Inventory: We determine your best hairstyle, makeup look, and skin-care regimen by looking at your lifestyle and personality.
  • Color Analysis: We teach you how to choose your personal best colors for wardrobe and makeup.
  • Facial Profile: Analyzing your face shape helps us recommend your best jewelry, necklines, hairstyles, and makeup application.
  • Color Coordination: We help you choose your best hair color based on the harmony between your skin, hair and eye color.
  • Clothing Consultation: You will learn how to enhance your body shape with your best style, hem lengths, patterns, and fabrics.
  • Image Update: We bring you back with semi-annual image update. You will learn trend forecasts on makeup, color, fashion, fabric, and style for the coming season.

Pricing: $75/hour

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Image Consulting FAQ's 

Available Tools to Support your New Look

Color Palette: Includes a 1 hour consultation on how to use your color chips bound together and placed in a nice zippered pouch for easy transport - $225

Personal Style Booklet: Includes a 1 hour consultation on how to enhance your body shape and choose a personal style that fits you and your lifestyle - $195

Cosmetic Tool Box: Includes what you will need to repeat your best make-up look that you experienced with your Makeover - $225